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The greatest mystery in the universe is life itself. Science and religion have always been at war trying to understand who we are and why we are here. Modern science has convinced many of us that the paranormal world is imagination and that religion is a myth. Science has even created it's own anti-religion called Cosmology and claims to be able to describe the very foundation of life itself, the so called Building Blocks of Life. Their certainty begins with life's creation in The Big Bang and expands through Evolution to what it is today. It's a compelling argument that may even be true or partially true. However, there is a reason that The Big Bang and Evolution are called theories, it is because they are not scientific fact. Try as they may science can not actually create life. They have created synthetic life by altering gene structure but require an existing living cell to accomplish these feats.

So the mystery remains, What is life and is there an after life? Humans have always seen and described the ghosts of the departed haunting our world. Ancient texts, including the Holy Bible have described spirits that are both good and evil. For thousands of years people have lived their lives and never questioned the existence of a spirit world it was an assumed fact. Today as enlightened and wise modern human beings, we still question our existence and seek the meaning of life. Like the rest of the world, the founders of include both skeptics and believers who ponder these same questions about life and death. Thus we have created this website to encourage others to investigate this mystery, have fun and reach their own conclusion.