Alabama Haunted Restaurants

  • GainesRidge Dinner Club

    GainesRidge Dinner Club

    Camden, Alabama 36726

    The GainesRidge Dinner Club was founded in 1985 in an ante-bellum era mansion in Camden Alabama. The home was built in the 1820's and was known for a long as the "The Hearn Place" after one of its...   ( Read Story )

  • Huggin Mollys

    Huggin Mollys

    Abbeville, Alabama 36310

    Abbeville Alabama has two legends that have frightened the residents of the city for decades. The more famous of the two is that of a large seven foot tall plus woman nick named "Huggin Molly" that...   ( Read Story )

  • Jacks Family Restaurants Parrish

    Jacks Family Restaurants Parrish

    Parrish, Alabama 35580

    The Jack's Family Restaurant in Parrish Alabama is reportedly haunted by a Native American ghost named "Mary". Hot and cold spots, slamming doors and strange whispers have been heard. It is said t...   ( Read Story )

  • Rawls Hotel

    Rawls Hotel

    Enterprise, Alabama 36330

    The Rawls Hotel was built in 1903 by Japheth and Elizabeth Rawls and is listed on the National Historic Register (#19800917). It was originally named the McGee Hotel after the manager that ran it....   ( Read Story )

  • The Victoria Inn Anniston

    The Victoria Inn Anniston

    Anniston, Alabama 36201

    The Victoria was built in 1888 by John Mckleroy former school superintendent and two time governor candidate as a home. The house was turned into an Inn by Earlon McWhorter in three phases in 1986...   ( Read Story )