The Mysteries Archive

  • Bill Sketoe Hanging

    The Hanging of Bill Sketoe

    Newton, Alabama 36352

    William "Bill" Sketoe was born June 8, 1818 and was a Methodist line minister from Newton Alabama. He was arrested by Captain Joseph R. Breare's Confederate Calvary on December 3, 1864 and was hang...   ( Read Story )

  • Coffeeville Cemetery Alabama

    The Mitcham War Blood Fued

    Coffeeville, Alabama 36524

    In the 1890's Coffeeville in Clarke County Alabama was at the center of a blood feud that is today called the Mitcham War. The conflict was loosely attached to county politics in which the small la...   ( Read Story )

  • Old Block Buster Video Store - Anniston

    The Block Buster Video Store Massacre Anniston Alabama

    Anniston, Alabama 36207

    On May 15, 2002, a serial killer named Donald Ray Wheat (48) on a six day robbery and murder spree shot and killed two store employees and two customers at an Anniston, Alabama Block Buster video s...   ( Read Story )

  • Routt Mansion

    The Black Widow of Hazel Green

    Hazel Green, Alabama 35750

    The Routt Mansion in Hazel Green Alabama was once the home of the "Black Widow of Hazel Green" Elizabeth Dale. The house burned to the ground in 1968 and was rumored to have been built on top of a...   ( Read Story )

  • Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

    The Blowing Caves Murder Mystery

    Scottsboro, Alabama 35769

    The Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge was once called the Blowing Wind Cave National Wildlife Refuge and is located on the western edge of Scottsboro Alabama. The cave itself is locked and is a p...   ( Read Story )

  • The Hanging Tree Geneva Alabama

    The Hanging Tree of Geneva Alabama

    Geneva, Alabama 36340

    The Hanging Tree of Geneva Alabama is said to be haunted by the spirit of an unknown black man that was lynched on May 7 1900. The giant tree is one of the oldest and largest oak tree's in the sta...   ( Read Story )