Hampton Inn and Suites Birmingham-Downtown-Tutwiler

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2021 Park Place
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

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Guests of this hotel have reported a number of encounters with ghosts over the years. A male spirit is most often credited with the haunting because the majority of the witnesses to these events are women. Although this spirit is sometimes referred to as Colonel Tutwiler or Major Tutwiler his identity is unknown. This hotel served as an apartment building for 71 years before it was converted to the second Tutwiler Hotel and has seen the passing of many people over that period of time. The original builder and operator of both buildings was a man named Robert Jemison who is another candidate for our ghost. However, it should be noted that the Tutwiler family did in fact own both the original hotel and the apartment building.

This unseen spirit has also been nick named The Knocker due to his propensity to knock on doors and disturb hotel guests. Room 604 and the kitchen have been identified by a number of websites as the most haunted part of this hotel. Flickering lights and the opening and closing doors have been noted in the kitchen and bar. Perhaps you should check in and investigate this haunted location yourself.

A Tutwiler Hotel has been a society fixture in downtown Birmingham Alabama since 1914. The original hotel was built by Robert Jemison and funded by a E.M. Tutwiler sometimes referred to as a Colonel or Major. This hotel was closed in 1972 and torn down in 1974. The original site became an office building and in 1986 a new Tutwiler Hotel opened it's doors for business. This hotel was created by renovating the Ridgley Apartment Building also originally built by Robert Jemison in 1913 and owned by the Tutwiler family. Today this hotel is called the Hampton Inn & Suites Tutwiler and is listed with the National Historic Landmarks.

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