Rawls Hotel

CATEGORY: Haunted Hotels     AUTHOR: M.Hawkes     DATE PUBLISHED: November 2013     HAUNTED RATING: 4.5 (of 5.0)     COMMENTS: 0


116 South Main Street
Enterprise, Alabama 36330
( 334) 308-9387


The Rawls Hotel was built in 1903 by Japheth and Elizabeth Rawls and is listed on the National Historic Register (#19800917). It was originally named the McGee Hotel after the manager that ran it. The hotel gained it's haunted reputation after World War I when unexplained events began to happen. Mr. Rawls died in 1925 and his spirit has been seen in the basement's wine cellar. The ghosts of two children, a boy and girl, have been seen and heard in the hotel as well. The girl is usually found on the third floor and the young boy is usually seen on the stairs between the basement and first floor. The hotel does tours of the building and the children are often seen and heard in the basement wine cellar as well. Hotel and restaurant employees have reported items constantly being misplaced or moved and have witnessed the piano in the main dining room playing music by itself. A news reporter stayed in the hotel and claimed to feel a heavy frightening presence during her tour of the building. She also repeatedly encountered cold spots and even had an incident where her camera and portable temperature gauge disappeared from her purse and then reappeared moments later during her tour.

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