• Mulvane Pizza Hut

    Mulvane Pizza Hut

    Mulvane, Kansas 67110

    The Pizza Hut in Mulvane Kansas is said to be haunted. Employees claim that an unknown spirit or spirits turns the intercom music up loudly, makes pizza and eats most of what they make at one of th...   ( Read Story )

  • Homestead Country Club

    Homestead Country Club

    Prairie Village, Kansas 66208

    The restaurant at the Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village Kansas is said to be haunted by the spirit of man that legend says died of a heart attack while playing tennis. The luxury country c...   ( Read Story )

  • Topeka Country Club

    Topeka Country Club

    Topeka, Kansas 66611

    The Topeka Country Club was built in 1905 in the state capital of Kansas. This luxury club has been visited by a number of celebrities over the years including President Taft, Bob Hope, Ben Hogan,...   ( Read Story )

  • 43 Church Restaurant

    43 Church Restaurant

    Salem, Massachusetts 01970

    43 Church Restaurant opened as the Lyceum Bar and Grill in 1989. It is believed that the land on which the restaurant stands was owned by the alleged witch Bridget Bishop and it sits on her apple ...   ( Read Story )

  • Longfellows Wayside Inn

    Longfellows Wayside Inn

    Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776

    Longfellow's Wayside Inn is the oldest Inn operating in the United States. It has been serving travelers for three hundred years. The Inn was built in 1702 by David Howe and began as a two-room...   ( Read Story )

  • Hooters Chicago

    Hooters Chicago

    Chicago, Illinois 60610

    The Hooters restaurant located on Wells Street in Chicago Illinois is said to be haunted. The building has been the location for a number of businesses over the years so the source of the unseen sp...   ( Read Story )

  • Stones Public House Restaurant

    Stones Public House Restaurant

    Ashland, Massachusetts 01721

    Stone's Public House Restaurant was built by John Stone in 1834. John was a farmer and a Captain in the Militia. He built an Inn and restaurant for the new railway that was coming through the tow...   ( Read Story )

  • Tapestry Room

    Tapestry Room

    Lebanon, Illinois 62254

    The Tapestry Room Restaurant in Lebanon Illinois is said to be haunted by a spirit or spirits that have been seen and heard over the years. The building was originally constructed in 1850 and has a...   ( Read Story )

  • The Beaumont Hotel

    The Beaumont Hotel

    Beaumont, Kansas 67012

    The Beaumont Hotel was opened in Beaumont Kansas in 1879 as the Summit Hotel and was a stagecoach stop on the route between Fredonia and Wichita. In 1885 the town became a railroad stop and the hot...   ( Read Story )

  • The Friendly Cafe

    The Friendly Cafe

    Abingdon, Illinois 61410

    The Friendly Cafe in Abingdon Illinois is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman that has been seen and felt in the restaurant for years. A funeral parlor once existed in the same buildi...   ( Read Story )

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