43 Church Restaurant

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43 Church Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970
(978) 745-7665

43 Church Restaurant opened as the Lyceum Bar and Grill in 1989. It is believed that the land on which the restaurant stands was owned by the alleged witch Bridget Bishop and it sits on her apple orchard. Bridget Bishop was the first person to be hanged during the Salem witch trials. Folks say that the smell of apples often drift through the restaurant.

Many believe that the main staircase upstairs is haunted. There are many sightings of a woman in a long white period dress. The same woman's image is often seen in certain mirrors and when you turn around the lady is gone. Employees think that the ghost is Bridget Bishop. Paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have filmed shows at 43 Church Restaurant.

Salem is located on the coast of Massachusetts on route 114. It is close to Beverly and Marblehead Massachusetts and is north of Boston. 43 Church Restaurant was remodeled and opened as a seafood restaurant in 2013. Turner Seafood owns it. Customers say that the restaurant provides good service, has a wonderful decor and atmosphere, good prices and excellent food.

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