Stones Public House Restaurant

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179 Main Street
Ashland, Massachusetts 01721
(508) 881-1778

Stone's Public House Restaurant was built by John Stone in 1834. John was a farmer and a Captain in the Militia. He built an Inn and restaurant for the new railway that was coming through the town of Ashland. The restaurant was called "The Railroad Boarding House" and was very popular and prosperous. Over the years the Inn and restaurant fell into disrepair. It was purchased and remodeled in 1976 and renamed Stone's Public House Restaurant. The restaurant is currently an Irish American establishment serving fine food and beverages. Patrons of the restaurant describe it as having crackling wood fireplaces, exposed beams and rustic historic charm.

Stone's Public House Restaurant is located off route 135 in central Massachusetts. It is near Framingham.

It appears that the ghost of John Stone himself haunts the restaurant. There is a picture of Captain Stone that hangs over the fireplace and employees and guests claim they have a feeling of being watched while dining near the fireplace. They also smell tobacco when nobody is smoking. John Stone was very fond of a good pipe.

Guests at Stone's Public House Restaurant have felt hands around their necks, have been locked out of their rooms, have had their faucets turned on and a employee at the restaurant saw birdseed falling from the ceiling. In 1845 a New York boarder was murdered at Stone's Public House Restaurant and buried in the basement. In the 1890's a drunkard named Burt Philips died at the Inn and employees claim he refuses to leave. More than a few pychics and mystics have examined the restaurant and have determined that six or seven roam the Inn.

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